Open-Ended Toys 開放式玩具

Open-ended toys help foster independent play, imagination and creativity. Open-ended toys are unstructured and no specific guideline on how to play. Here is the beauty of it. Children can have their own ways to play boundlessly and this is how their imagination takes flight. They can build the wooden blocks into castle, carpark, skyscraper, or anything they can think of. They can create their own stories and set up their own scene. This is also a great benefit to social and communication development. The way of building and exploring enhances their critical thinking and logical thinking. When they are patiently creating their own play, they can be very engaging and take up longer time for independent play. 

Open ended toys typically span a variety of age groups and are made of better quality materials, which allows you to buy less AND use them for longer periods of time. These toys can definitely grow with your children. So no more having to buy toys for a specific age group or specific purpose, so you can SAVE some SPACE, as well as, MONEY. 

We are happy to source some high-quality open-ended toys to share with you.