Three Part Cards (Set of Animals) 蒙特梭利學習三段卡 (圖像卡+認字卡)動物系列
Three Part Cards (Set of Animals) 蒙特梭利學習三段卡 (圖像卡+認字卡)動物系列
Three Part Cards (Set of Animals) 蒙特梭利學習三段卡 (圖像卡+認字卡)動物系列
Three Part Cards (Set of Animals) 蒙特梭利學習三段卡 (圖像卡+認字卡)動物系列

Three Part Cards (Set of Animals) 蒙特梭利學習三段卡 (圖像卡+認字卡)動物系列

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Is it a monkey, gorilla or chimpanzee? This set of card beautifully illustrated them. You can look at the picture of them and talk about their similarities and differences. It also has a comprehensive selection of land animals in different habitats, including safari, forest and desert.  


  • Each individual card is mindfully designed by Bookishplayroom. 100% Hong Kong products🇭🇰.
  • There are 72 cards with 24 different designs in each pack and printed on both sides in English and Traditional Chinese. 
  • Each design come with three different sizes serving the need of different development stages.
  • The largest card is 80mm x 125mm while the smallest is 80mm x 30mm. All cards are with rounded corners and safe for little one to hold and explore with. 
  • An index card is included.
  • The card is matte laminated on both sides which enhances durability.
  • Each set come with a box with three fit-sized compartments for easy storage. It allows little one to tidy up independently. It is also a perfect tray for the cards when your little one is at work.
  • Happy learning ! ☺️

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⚠️Caution: Children 3 years old and under should be supervised when using cards. Cards should not be chewed or sucked on, doing so may cause a choking hazard.

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