Marine Life Set
Marine Life Set
Marine Life Set

Marine Life Set

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Easy to set up, and mess-free. Caregivers can simply lay out the whole set on the table or floor and create a mini ocean at your home. Invite little ones to play. They can create their own stories that sparks imagination, languages skills and enhance independent play. 

It is also a fun matching game to match the figurines with the poster in the set.

 This Christmas Set includes:

[Bookishplayroom] Learning Poster Designed By Bookishplayroom

[Tara Treasures] Small Sea, Beach and Rockpool Play Mat Playscape 海灘海洋場景遊戲墊(細) x 1 -Dimension: 35cm(L) x 25cm(W) (Original Price: HK$288)

[CollectA] Marine Life Figurines Mini Set x 1 (Original Price: HK$128)



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