The Ultmiate Dinosaur World Set
The Ultmiate Dinosaur World Set
The Ultmiate Dinosaur World Set

The Ultmiate Dinosaur World Set

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Let your children to re-create the dinosaur world with the mindfully-curated play mat with trees, shrubs, a lake feature, a cave for dinosaurs to hide in and a movable felt active volcano. Children can freely play along dinosaur figurines in this play mat . A mess-free set up for children to learn and explore these extinct creatures. This set comes with a book so children can learn the extinct creatures with reference to this atlas book. 

The play mat can also set up for another small world play, as the active volcano is removable.

This Christmas Set includes:

🎄[Tara Treasures] Large Dinosaur Land with Volcano Play Mat Playscape 大恐龍火山場景遊戲墊 x 1 (Original Price: HK$638)

🎄[CollectA] Large Dinosaur Figurines set (5 pieces) x 1 (Original Price: HK$242)

🎄[Wide Eyed Editions] Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures: Step Into A Prehistoric World x 1 (Original Price: HK$228)


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