Wild Animals Set
Wild Animals Set
Wild Animals Set

Wild Animals Set

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This set is a perfect gift fun gift for toddlers fulfilling both fun and educational.

Start to nurture toddlers as animal lovers with this Gift Set. There are so many benefits to introduce animals to your young toddlers. By observing animals, toddlers get to understand and develop curiosity of nature and things around them. They start to imitate animals by making sound and doing actions. They learn to identify differences and similarities of different kinds of animals. Gradually, they learn to be kind and empathetic to animals. They also develop the concept of lifecycle and growth sequence. 

You and your little one can create your own animal world simply with this mess-free set up. Children can make up stories freely which is so essential for social skill and creativity development. For younger toddlers, they can learn playfully through matching the animal figurines with the picture cards. For older toddlers, they can learn the phonics and Chinese character with the cards and figurines in a fun and interactive way. 

This Gift Set includes:

[Bookishplayroom] Three Part Cards ( Set of Animals) x 1
[Tara Treasures] Small Safari Play Mat Playscape 草原場景遊戲墊(細)1 -Dimension: 35cm(L) x 25cm(W)

[CollectA] CollectA Box of Wild Animal Figurines  x 1



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